About  Us

Our core focus is to aggregate the best property services network possible.

Our Core Values


We advocate for the best interest of the property.


We take pride in working hard and doing our best.


We strive to set realistic expectations, then exceed them.


We will always do what's ethically right.


We work with the BEST tools, technologies, and people. 

Our History

"Vendor List"

Our network begins to assemble as a list provided to real estate investors around Cincinnati, Ohio to help them renovate their flips.

EquityTeam's "Vendor Network"

A newly formed residential real estate investing services company called "EquityTeam" begins to transform this "list" into a more robust, bonafide, and vetted "vendor network" to help it's buy-fix-sell and buy-fix-rent clients.

Expanding into Maintenance & Repairs

As EquityTeam transitions it's core business from real estate investing services to residential property management, the "Vendor Network" evolves into the outsourced maintenance division.

PropertyWorx is Born

EquityTeam quickly grew to become Cincinnati's #1 residential property management company.  It became clear that more structure was needed to manage the volume and variety of the work orders, ensure quality work was being performed and warranted, and that pricing was inline or better than industry norms.  PropertyWorx was created to manage all aspects of EquityTeam's property / field services.

First Year Successes and Failures

Pros:  Never-ending amount of business; some excellent hires; many, many lessons learned.

Cons:  We found out very quickly how difficult it is to run such a dynamic business.  From HR to Accounting to Operations, we had many issues.  The biggest problem was the software available to the property / field services industry was inadequate to meet our diverse needs.  We went through multiple software systems, and because of the operation instability, we struggled.

Providing Solutions to Diverse Properties

Despite our efforts to stay narrowly focused on property management, the quality, professionalism, and pricing of our services was being noticed by others who were looking for contractors they could trust.  We began taking on jobs and projects for residential homeowners,  HOA's, commercial property owners, etc.

Now, and the near future...

Currently, our main areas of focus are hiring internally and externally, and operational improvements.  We know our business will only be as good as the PEOPLE in our network, so we invest heavily into finding the best people possible.  Operationally, we're developing our own software solution to meet our unique needs.